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Meet Romina

My name is Romina, and I am the person behind Myô. I went to school at Lycée Français of Montevideo, and studied Hospitality Management  at University ORT Uruguay, and PR at ITHU.


My background is in hospitality management, having worked in hostels, franchise and boutique hotels.


After graduating from college, I decided to live a different experience and went to France, where I worked at a local hotel for a few months.


It was then that I came up with the idea of Myô, a unique housing for students that could cover all needs that students have and that have a hard time finding in regular housing.


My style is of a warming and customized attention to each and every one of my guests, so that they will feel comfort in their own home away from home, and have someone to rely on when needed, in order to best enjoy their stay in Uruguay and make their own unforgettable experiences. 

Looking forward to meeting you!



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